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The Valley Green Journal

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The Valley Green Journal

Prohlédněte si krátké video, které vzniklo při pobytu Michala Kravčika v USA, odkazuje též na knihu „Water for Recovery of Climate"


Now that Spring has arrived, and the snow is finally melting, please join me in learning about the central role of WATER for our lives, our climate and our Earth. In this issue of the VGJ we bring you news of the USA tour of  Michal Kravcik, the Slovakian water scientist with the urgent message that we all must take care to "soak up the rain" as it falls instead of sending it down pipes and ditches to the nearest river

If you can spare just two minutes right now, please click here to view a video explaining why! This link will bring you to the website of the brand-new organization, VOICES OF WATER FOR CLIMATE, and the video is just a short scroll down-you can't miss my face.Thanks!  Jan

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